How to change New Parent and New Child in the context menu for UD100 Application

I want to change the word New Parent and New Child in the context menu.

I cannot seem to find the context menu for it. =/



This is the way I was able to get that accomplished in v10.2.200.XX:

// ----- Configure the UI menu captions ----- //
private void UD101Form_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
	UD101Form.MainToolManager.Tools["EpiAddNewnewParent"].SharedProps.Caption = "New <Whatever>";
	UD101Form.MainToolManager.Tools["EpiAddNewnewChild"].SharedProps.Caption = "New <Whatever>";

This would be in your Form Load event.

For my solution, the resulting menu looked like this:


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Thanks Bill, I have done that part for the File->New, but when I right click on the tree, the Context Menu has this New Parent Option.

For JobEntry screen, there is a JobTree Object, for UD100, I cannot find the Tree.

I have not accounted for that particular UI scenario (where someone might right-click to create either the part or child record), so I don’t have an answer for that, I’m afraid. Hopefully, someone with a bit more insight on this can help.