How to create a "make to order" job?

I am trying to test the “make to order” functionality in Epicor. When I create a sales order, the make direct checkbox is greyed out and the “order job wizard” in the actions menu is also greyed out.

I read something about not being able to use stock parts with this, only non-stock, but that doesn’t seem correct to me.

Does the part number or sales order need to be set up a certain way?

The Part Number has to be set up as “NonStock”. What that tells Epicor is that it won’t look at inventory when fulfilling demand, but will automatically create a job suggestion (if it’s a manufactured part) or a PO suggestion (if it’s a purchased part).

Without that checkbox enabled at the part level, the Make Direct (and therefore Order Job Wizard) functions are unavailable.

Hi Yelena,

What version are you on? I thought that I had seen the ability to check Make Direct on a sales order release for a manufactured part that was setup in Part Master as inventory part (i.e., non stock is not checked). Testing it, I believe this is what you want. We are on 10.1.600.20. See how we get the red Override notice on the release meaning that we’ve changed it from the way it wanted to default in?

HTH, Nancy


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Hi Nancy,
We just upgraded to 10.2 last week but I remember having this same issue with 10.1.4 so I think it has to do with the way the parts are set up.