How to create custom SSRS report that takes BAQ parameter as RDD Criteria?

I am fairly familiar with BAQ Reports but I have been trying to figure out how to create a custom RDD that takes BAQ as data source and BAQ parameter as filter criteria, then Report Style(shouldn’t be too hard once RDD is done), then create Menu item(probably SSRS Custom Report Link) and finally rdl file from scratch.
I could not find much documentation. best I could find is
Exact steps for making an RDD based Report that uses BAQ’s (“Advanced BAQ Reports”)?
Passing Report Parameters to a BAQ Report - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (
which do not help much for me as a beginner.
I wanna create a report based on BOM BAQ(recursive CTE query) which would not work as standard BAQ report.
Your help is highly appreciated.
Thank you,

When you create the Report Style there will be a field at the bottom asking for Report Criteria. In the report Style you will also create the SSRS report through Actions->Create SSRS report. This will create the RDL file in the folder defined in the report location of the style.

After that you add the menu item which will be Program Type “Report” and not SSRS Custom Link.

After this you design the SSRS report and run through the menu item.

I think you just tied up my missing pieces.
Thanks @Vinaykamboj