How to fix a broken toolbar

I have a user who “broke” his toolbar and doesn’t exactly remember how he did it in Customer Shipment Entry. All of the toolbars are out of place and on the standard toolbar, the print doesn’t work. Any ideas on how to fix this??

Have you tried clicking Tools - Reset Layouts to Base? That should pop all toolbars and windows back into their base layout. :slight_smile:


Or you can go into Tools - Personalization and try Deleting any Personalization they might have on the form…?

Yep, tried it :frowning: It didn’t help.

Ah, I should have known you tried that already. Have you tried deleting any Personalizations that he has on the form?

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Click on Personalization and then Delete (if there is one lurking). Clear his cache folder perhaps.

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It was a rogue personalization! Thanks, Heather and Haso for your help with this one!


For some bizarre reason I picture you saying You sneaky bugger you! as you click the Delete Personalization button.

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