Epicor 9.05 Root Element Missing error

I have a user trying to open her Order Entry screen, but is receiving the error Root Element is Missing. Anyone had this issue and if so, how do we fix this? Thanks for any help!!!


Would be helpful to post screenshot of error

I may be giving away Support’s best tricks but

  • if it is isolated to a single Epicor user account but follows that user account to every workstation they log into, then it is likely a personalization. There is a personalization purge program or can go into developer mode, launch the form, highlight the user’s personalization and click Delete.

  • if this is isolated to a single Epicor user account on a specific workstation, it is likely client cache. From this user’s main Epicor menu, they can go Options > Clear Client Cache (or delete it from c:\programdata\epicor\ [epicorservername]-[port_number] if the client is closed on this machine)

When in doubt, delete the personalization and then clear client cache.


Nathan, this did the trick!!! Thank you!

It worked. Thank you!