How to Import a Part with a BOM into a Job?

How can I import a BOM (Bill of Material that can be opened under Method Tracker) into a Job or a project?

I can import a BOM through CADLink, which imports all the parts. I can also export the BOM to an Excel document but I cant figure out how to get each part into the job.

So just figured out how to do it, in a job, built the assembly has multiple levels and it seems I need to add each level separately. is there anyway I could add all levels and rather that one by one?

You need to go into Engineering Workbench and set the material(s) in question to “Pull as Assembly”. Then, when you pull the top-level part into a job, it will pull all the components in as subassemblies.

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so it looks like during this, i need to check the parts out and approve them. So when I bought it into the job entry, one of the parts reads, am I missing something?

Approved Part Revision for subassembly was not found. Request cancelled.
Looking for revision of Part: This is the part
With an effective date less than or equal to: 12/31/2021

Yes, the whole BOM needs to be approved. When grabbing subassemblies, Epicor goes for the most recent (by effective date) approved rev. Unapproved revs are treated as if they don’t exist.


Still getting the

“Approved Part Revision for subassembly was not found. Request cancelled.
Looking for revision of Part: Part Here
With an effective date less than or equal to: 12/31/2021”

Not sure what I should do, still playing with it, but please do let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks so much for your help so far

ahhh, ok, so I found what was causing the issue, so resolving it and moving on to the next, I will get back to you on what I find

Here is the article on the fix for the approved part revision for subassembly was not found issue

Are you using DMT or another tool?

Am I looking at it wrong, it seems like each and every part need to be manually approved, if so this would be horrible as each machine is well over a thousand pieces.

using CADLink, its a great tool, just not free

Generally, you’d approve all revs in an ECO in one fell swoop. Engineering Workbench has an “Approve All and Check In” option for just that purpose.

If you’ve already checked in your revisions, then you’re best bet is setting the approved flag via DMT.


Question on the ECO group, should I create a new one each time, or just use the one I have there already from CADLink?

There is nothing special about the ECO GroupID. You can re-use them. In fact, the “Quick checkout” function just uses your user name as the group ID. I think the intended use is to have it match an actual ECO number from your document control system.

Parts added to an ECO group can be individually checked back in. Or you can check in all the parts in the group.

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Also for Mass Approval/Check-In.

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