How to push custom files to clients stations without having to re-install the entire client

We are using Epicor and I have a line in the server config file like this:

customization name=“ERP10.2.200.13” directoryName=“Update” version=“” deploymentType=“ZIP”
customization name=“Nov21-2018” directoryName=“CustomUpdatesNov21-2018” version=“” deploymentType="XCopy"

It works fine, every time I have a new update, I copy the file into the custom folder, rename the folder to todays date and update the config with the new folder name. But the problem is the process re-installs the entire client where I only need to update the custom files and leave the rest intact.

Any ideas?

probably use a group policy to push the new file to clients

@Samm the process doesn’t (or rather shouldn’t) re-install the entire client only the new zip file. Can you post your entire sysconfig?

I am not sure what you mean sorry…
Like a third party app?

I tried and the editor seems to have a problem with the XML tags…

post the file itself. raname it .txt

Ok now I feel stupid!! How do you post a file here?

Drag it? paste it click the Upload Icon in the Editor

erp10prod.txt (10.5 KB)

Lol missed that icon Jesus!

   <clearClientDir value="Always" options="Never|Always|Prompt" />
    <!-- Determines if the client install directory is cleared prior to doing an update -->

See if changing this to Never helps

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That’s interesting! Thanks I will try on a test env.
I wonder if there should be an xml tag defining what to do if file exists already (overwrite/ignore…?)

It will automatically override. If newwer… there’s also a DateCheck Flag

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It worked!!! This is FANTASTIC! Thank you!!

Newer Versions - I believe 10.1.600+ - support an additional value:

<clearClientDir value="Core" options="Never|Always|Prompt|Core" />

If set to “Core” the base version will not go through the Update when one of the Custom Packages updates.


I wonder how this “Never” option would have an impact on new/fresh installations? Would it still install everything in that case?

I mean new installations don’t already have a client folder so yes it should work just fine.

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This setting controls whether or not the Auto-Update clears the Client Directory prior to the Update. The Historical setting for this was “Never” - V8 through E9. At ERP 10, it was changed to “Always” since “Never” would have preserved the old MFG namespace DLLs for no reason.

The downside to “Never” is that any component no longer valid for the current release will remain on the disk - Lint.

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I’d only use “Never” for our internal updates to prevent lengthy and useless re-installs. For any other kind of updates I think this should be set back to “Always”.

I would use “Core” as that will do exactly what you want…

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Well the config file does not show that option for me. I can try but for now I will leave it as is.

clearClientDir value=“Always” options=“Never|Always|Prompt”