Ice.MailQueue - how to diagnose


After reading another post here, I started looking at Ice.MailQueue on a weekly basis to check to see if our system was creating any records into this table. For the last few weeks it’s been empty, but today I have 2 records created.

QueueNum Company UserID SessionID AttemptCounter SysRevID SysRowID
961 BVD ChrisSteer C140635E-BCED-482E-A259-A18675AACCF7 3 0x0000000020580215 D7A20EA9-87CB-4E9F-BE81-1DE8769D7254
962 BVD ChrisSteer C140635E-BCED-482E-A259-A18675AACCF7 3 0x0000000020580334 9D3291A8-8CBA-4CA0-9233-CD2B0ACF67C9

I’m assuming that 3 retries is the limit, and that it will have now given up. Where can I see some more logging info to suggest why these emails might be failing?

Many Thanks

Anybody have any further info on this? More logging anywhere that says what the errors are? App Server log with a particular flag maybe?