IDC - Exception Batches... what do we do?

Hello All,

We have a couple batches that are in IDC but they are in an Exception status.

What is the process to review these and get them out?

Is there any way I can see what documents are in these batches so I can save them and restart it?

In short, looking for any help from those of you who use IDC.

@gpayne @MikeGross

@utaylor You can restart the process in the web site in the Admin Panel pick batches then there is a restart all selected. I only do one document per batch so my document name matches the pdf name plus a date time stamp and they are dropped into a folder not processed by the email input so I would look in the processed subfolder for matching times.

You can also do the restart from the server admin tool.


For us this typically happens when the scanned image(s) is too large (too many pages?) and IDC is converting it to a document.

@gpayne’s instructions are what we do, but sometimes we’ll go surgically remove it and tell the originator to try again. I think the folder is InputFileStorage under your IDC folder structure whose location depends on your setup.

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Thank you both. I will try suggestions and mark as solution.

If the documents come in via email, it may also be an image in a signature/banner from an HTML email. It tries to convert things and gets tripped up with the HTML sometimes. We’ve only had that problem once or twice, but it stumped us!

Thank you Mike!!!

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