Idea: Add more Flexibility to Planning Contracts by tying it to PartBin (like we do with SerialNo / PCID)

Hey guys just throwing this here in case anyone else is interested in planning contracts but can’t use it because they aren’t flexible enough to allow you to move the inventory around the warehouse.

Basically for those not familiar with Planning Contracts in simple terms is a way to do buy to order or buy t job without tying the record directly to the demand. This allows you to see specifically your demand and fulfil that demand but gives you the flexibility of “borrowing” inventory that was “Allocated” to the planning contract without shooting yourself in the foot.

MRP also looks at these and re-fills your planning contract as needed. It is a brilliant little tool with a poor implementation and limitation. That limitation being that planning contracts are tied to specific Bin locations in the warehouse. This is cute until you run a real warehouse and need to move inventory around due to space constraints, inventory churn etc it is un-realistic to expect your inventory to sit “forever” in one specific bin.

The idea above just asks that the Planning Contract “receipts” move from individual warehouse bins to the PartBin record (like Serial Number / PCID) this would basically carry the planning contract along with the part bin record itself which would let you move that part all around the warehouse freely.

Then you could (like you do with PCID) transfer inventory in / out of a particular planning contract to “borrow” or fulfil a contract.

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