Planning Contracts - How to Work with Contract Bins


We are trying to use Planning Contracts to create PO/Job suggestions, to make/buy ‘long lead’ items for projects. We currently have up to 80 projects running at any one time, which means 80 active planning contracts.

However, because planning contracts are tied to bins, and the same bin cannot be on more than one contract, we need to create new bins for each contract.

In reality, we have set physical locations for all of our ‘standard’ stock, totalling more than 600 bins. Replicating these for each project/contract is unfeasible.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to manage this?

(To me, it would be easier if the system could use the same Bin for multiple contracts and just track the quantity reserved to each contract).

It is a nightmare I don’t have much of a suggestion other than asking you to vote for my idea which moves the contracts away from bins and ties it to the Part Bin record which would allow you to move it anywhere and not have to create special bins which don’t match your physical location


Have you thought about entering a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for these parts, then MRP will create PO/Jobs etc. based on your planning parameters

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Thanks - already voted. I agree that this would be a much better way to go forward.

Good idea - thanks! I haven’t tried out MPS before now, as we’re still mid-implementation. Just tested it now and I can see this works in terms of creating demand for MRP.

The downside is that we’d still need Contract/Project-specific bins to ring-fence the stock for a specific project. (E.g. excluding the stock from MRP).

Use customer managed bins for this - once the job is complete book the stock into 1 or more customer managed bins then you can only issue the stock/ship to the customer assigned to the bin where the quantity is held