Increase/decrease inventory in Quality Assurance

Hello everyone,

I have a concern that does not fit with my company’s business process due to Epicor’s standard process where inventory is deducted at the time of entering Nonconformance. I understand that it is an inevitable basic process.
By the way, there is one question about the deduction of inventory.
Inventory deductions/increases in Quality Assurance are as follows (Inventory Nonconformance):

The question is, when the final rejection decision is made in DMR Processing, since the inventory has already been deducted in the nonconformance stage, is there no need to do any other deduction work? (ADJ-QTY work, etc.)
If those parts are finally rejected by DMR and the parts need to be scrapped, what Epicor action should be next?
It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your knowledge.

Inventory is deducted when you put an item into nonconformance. If the product flows from Inspection to DMR-REJ, then the only change will be in the status of the open inspection, then the open DMR. Of course, every step of the way you can attach GL controls to the reason codes that will move cost from Inventory accounts to the proper accounts for scrap, tolerance issues, etc…

Is there any Epicor work I need to do in terms of inventory after I put in all the parts, quantities, reason codes, etc and reject them? (If I just dispose of them without returning them) (In terms of inventory, except for corrective action input)

When you fail in inspection, it goes into DMR. When you reject the DMR, as far as inventory goes, you are done. If you accept it off of the DMR into stock then it moves back into inventory.

There are some differences when you go into nonconformance from a job, but those don’t apply in inventory nonconformance.

If you reject the DMR, you can undo (delete) that action. If you accept it back into stock, then you have to repeat the entire process.

On the EPICOR process, if I reject it in DMR Processing, you say that there is no next task regarding the inventory.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.