Insights 2020 (RE: COVID-19 Attendance Poll)

Just curious how COVID-19 has affected our user group (so far) with regards to Attending Insights. Anonymous poll (no shaming)

  • I will still be at Insights if it happens come hell or high water
  • I will go if it happens, but I’m hoping it gets pushed
  • Company Instituted Travel Restrictions (May not make it)
  • Personally Choosing not to go
  • On the Fence (waiting to see)

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UPDATE: Insights has now been officially canceled :frowning:


I’m here either way - come see me bahahaha


We have 3 registered.

1 is personally choosing not to go.
1 is going come hell or high water.
1 (me) is on the fence.

I am presenting, so I plan on being there.


Company hasn’t yet instituted a travel restriction on domestic travel so unless they do, or Epicor pushes/cancels Insights, I’ll be there.

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No domestic travel restrictions(so far)… 2 planning on going from our company.

Company has instituted travel restrictions yesterday…My request to go was denied anyway (gutted)… But now not so much


five years ago

as far as i know, companies can not institute any restrictions of any type, employment force in UK has to answer to the UK government announcement, unless labour union say otherwise, so far no zone/area lockdown and/or any type of travel restrictions been announced.

Would be good to see you again man but maybe for the best.

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I’m taking the wife to memphis for a baby shower, so I’ll be in the area one way or anther. If nothing else, the die hard crowd will go out to party with @Chris_Conn :slight_smile:


I see what you did there…:rofl::mask:


Company instituted travel restrictions here :mask: I was at DTW airport picking up my parents yesterday and there were a few people wearing masks. Let’s just say that I didn’t get close to anyone and only shared “fist bumps” with my family :wink:

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@Mark_Wonsil…a competitor!

Driving instead of flying to Insights, Nashville is always so cold in the rooms it will freeze out the virus

It’s contagious…

I’m also presenting, so unless Epicor cancels or my company pulls the plug on travel I’ll be there.

I’m hoping (probably naively) that by May we’ll see that things have more or less returned to normal.


We had 11 people scheduled, registered and booked. rolling that back now. Company decided the organizational and community safety considerations superseded the need. Hard to argue that given our demographics here.
I will miss the stimulus, learning and the Tennessee Ice Tea. :cry:
Enjoy it !


and five days ago…

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Those on the fence please update your votes once you’ve decided

They just closed schools here in Florida for 2 weeks :grimacing: