Insights Course Docs

Since I am getting slammed on this in email, posting here… :wink:

The Epicor Insights web site should have all the materials from the presentation live now. Example:

If any presentations are missing, please email They should be able to resolve any issues.


The link to this screen above is:
This will allow you to log-in, browse your schedule, and download the presentations.


I like to look at the presentations for the sessions I didn’t make it to while I was attending others. Miss the one place to download the presentations. Maybe a feature request for next year :slight_smile:


I can get them downloaded, it just takes extra time when I have to go through each of the scheduled sessions to check to see if there is a presentation and then download. @hkeric.wci - if you got something, let me know…

I happened to download all of the insights pdfs while we were watching the Wednesday morning keynotes. I’ve got them in a zipped file [here] (moderator redacted), unfortunately, the size is quite large and google is going to warn you that it can’t scan for viruses. I organized the docs loosely, and I started to re-name them as well, because the naming convention is a pain to read and makes little sense (and in some cases doesn’t make any sense), but I didn’t get very far.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who is also a data-monger.

Sorry @MCannon thanks for sharing but these belong to Epicor and only those who attend insights should have access (unless we get explicit permission to share). We could get a take down notice for these. We appreciate you sharing though

and welcome aboard!

Agreed with Jose - If you have attended and would like to save yourself the inconvenience of clicking all the links for 2hrs, you can probably message me, Jose or someone who has them and we can share.

We just avoid posting it in public to be fair; we can’t stop anyone from sharing it via pm.

If you attended, you could ask for someone to pm you a zip.

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Alright, no problem. They’re all available to download from the Insights Agenda, it’s just a bit of a process. I just scrolled along and looked for everything that had a “Download Docs” link. Unfortunately, you can’t directly download from the link, you have to click, then follow the link. I just went along doing this by middle clicking the pdf link until I had them all, and then downloaded.

As I said, loooong process, but it’s better than going into the courses directly.


I attended Insighst. Is there any easy way to know for which session ppt has been uploaded?

I attended Customization tips and tricks with Jose and Robert presenting. Downloaded the materials from the insights schedule however it didn’t have the code that we saw. Believe it was to be able to apply a credit memo to many, where it hijacked the normal way and then picked back up afterwards. Can you send that to me please or post it so that I can grab it?

We will post it this week

Is there any way that a U.K. based Epicor user can download these? (Insights in the UK, or whatever Epicor UK can be bothered to put on (it’s just a single day in 2019), never has a breadth of sessions like in the USA).

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I appreciate the class you did on the customization tips and tricks and know that your time and talent are very valuable. Will the code be posted on this site or will it be added to the documents on the insights agenda? Was going to try to use it to speed up processes in the configurator, swapping parts etc. We make custom boats from 20-25 feet so you can imagine the amount of operations etc. Thank you very much. You are extremely talented as well as a good speaker.

Thanks!yeah I’ll post it this week

Hi @KAK and all
Here is the code for that session

Hi Jose,
I attended the conference, was able to download the Labs but missed the other content ie presenter slides.
Are you able to share with me. I am unable to PM.

These would be great to for justification to go to next conference.


Hi Glenn,

Just log into the Insights 19 website you used to register and browse the agenda. For those that had materials, you’ll see a download link on the right (“Download Docs”)

Some presenters will send you their slides if they didn’t posted them ahead of time and they generally gave out an email address during their sessions.

Mark W.

That’s the bit I was missing, thank you.