Invalid GL Control Type for Entity Company


I’m trying to set up a bunch of new GL controls using DMT. I’ve already successfully added records to GLSegment, GLAccount, and GLCntrl. But I’m unable to tie them together with records in EntityGLC. I get the error in the title: Invalid GL Control Type for Entity Company.

My DMT file contains Company, RelatedToFile, Key1, Key2, GLControlType, GLControlCode, and BusinessEntity. I confirmed that the control codes I’m trying to put in do exist. The other fields follow the pattern of existing EntityGLC rows with the same GLControlType. Since those rows exist and apparently work, the error message is very confusing. What does it actually mean?

I asked our accounting department to set up one of the GL controls manually in Epicor. The row they created was exactly what I was trying to insert with DMT. I’ve tried DMT both with and without the ExtCompanyID, IsExternalCompany, GlobalEntryGLC, and GlobalLock columns, which are the same on all similar rows.

you’re having trouble attaching the GLControls to objects like part class or product group or adding the gl accounts to the GL accounts to the controls?

I have templates for you. Let me know where you’re having trouble

My experience with setting up GL controls, is that you work from the bottom up.

  1. Setup the GL Accounts the GLC’s will use
  2. Setup the GLC Codes. GLC Codes are type specific. GLC Codes that will be setup for Product Groups, must be created as a Product Group type. I make the code a combination of the type they will be used for, and the specific thing they’re attached to. For example, Product Group AGRA needs a GLC, so a DLC Code (of type Prod Grp), PG-AGRA` was made.
  3. Assign/attach the GLC Code to the item.

So you’ve been able to successfully create the GLC Codes, but not the assign them?


Also, Whenever I use DMT, I always go with the least number of fields as possible. It’s almost always possible to go back and update them with more fields. And pay close attention to the “Add” and “Update” options. They both default as enabled, but you usually know which you are doing.

Edit #2

While the GLC’s elements need to be created in the order above, you can start at #3 and use the right click on the Control entry text box to launch the GL Control Code Entry

And that will automatically select the proper type for the GLC Code you’re about to create.


@ckrusen I hope I’m using the right terminology here, because the names of the Epicor menu item, the Epicor form, and the DMT menu item are sometimes all slightly different.

I’ve created account segments (DB table GLSegment), accounts (GLAccount), GL controls (GLCntrl), and reason codes (Reason) using DMT. Now I’m trying to associate the GL controls and reason codes. When you do this in the Epicor UI, it creates rows in EntityGLC.

You are doing this with System -> Reason Code ?

Which columns are you using?

I was able to use DMT to add a GLC to an existing Reason Code with the following

That added a GLC to the existing Reason code TRUCK (for Reason Type: Inv Adj).

It is just a coincidence that the GLContrlCode was the same as the ReasonCode.

I was doing entirely the wrong thing in DMT. I found something that I thought would let me create EntityGLC rows directly. I didn’t realize I just needed to update the Reason rows. Thanks!