Invalid SQL on Kinetic version of dashboard

First time poster, go easy on me. I’m new to the Epicor world, but I don’t think this issue has anything to do with my lack of experience…

My goal here is to have a method for employees to review their punch times for a given pay period. It looks like this:

To get here, I started by populating UD03 with a list of payroll start/end dates. It looks something like this (Excluding payday):

Key 1 Date01 Date02
12/26/21 12/26/21 1/8/23
1/9/22 1/9/22 1/22/22

I designed this BAQ to retrieve payroll dates using min/max dates from LaborHed. It works flawlessly in BAQ designer and from the classic dashboard that uses this BAQ.

In the Kinetic version of this dashboard, the payroll weeks grid fails to populate after entering the employee id as a BAQ parameter. There was no error on the screen, but I was able to pull the following from devtools:

Support provided me with the server side log, which references an invalid field in one of the subqueries that executes flawlessly outside of Kinetic. I asked some follow up questions, and it’s been radio silence since.

This leads me to assume that something is amiss at the Kinetic invocation of the BAQ at the /api/v1/Ice.BO.KineticErpSvc/ExecuteBaq endpoint. Perhaps unintentional SQL injection? The BAQ works when called from the /api/v1/BaqSvc/ endpoint. I also imported this dashboard definition, and my UD03 table into our Pilot env with the same results.

With that info, I’m hoping for some answers to these questions:

  • Has anyone came across this issue before?
  • Are there any troubleshooting steps I’ve overlooked?
  • Can I point the Kinetic grid to the /api/v1/BaqSvc endpoint rather than the default?
  • Should I abandon hope and stick to the classic db instead?


I was able to correct this by creating a new BAQ. I guess my original BAQ was somehow corrupted (for Kinetic only).