Inventory Adjustment - Not able to flush qty to zero. 0.00000010

Does anyone know how to get rid of the fraction amount being stuck in a bin? The Qty Adjustment program does not allow that many leading zeros.

You have to go and adjust the allowable decimals to what you need, make the change, then put it back. It’s annoying.



First I thought that would be a scary choice since it affects all EA UOM… but apparently there is no other solution… it did the fix. Thank you!

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Yeah, it’s probably best to do that when the transactions are low so you don’t introduce more, but it’s not a huge deal.


We have gotten away with doing a qty adjustment to 1 and then reducing it out and it goes away because whatever backflushing got the decimal out of whack for us gets kicked back in line with a qty adjustment.


That didn’t work for me before. I would still linger in there.

This doesn’t work for me. Any specific steps you are taking on this?

Nothing in specific that I can think of. I would do it Brandon’s way then. I’ve had it work in the past but I’m guessing that might have been a happy bug that Epicor has since fixed. Technically something like that shouldn’t work :slight_smile: