Unable to adjust quantity due to length of decimals


We have a few parts where there is no lot quantity available, but it is still indicating so because the quantity left is 0.00207499.
The module to adjust the quantity is not allowing more than 2 decimals. (and in custo mode, the formating is greyed out, so unable to change it.)

So how I go about making sure to put part lots to zéro quantity then?



Have you tried running Refresh PartBin QOH From PartTran? I believe that is the process that will fix rounding errors.

I will give it a try.



OK. So I ran the tool … Report only.
And no report was generated, and no logs were saved …

FixBinsAllUILog.log search did not find any result…

So does that mean there is no issue found? (But I still have the long decimal value as on hand qty…shown in Lot tracker.



Correct, no issue found. I may have given you the wrong thing to run. It has been a while since I needed to fix something like you are facing.

In a previous life, working on a different ERP platform, there was a form called Quantity Adjust, which unlike Misc. Issue or Misc. Receipt would not adjust the quantity of an item (Part) by a value, but would adjust a value to a value. In this same scenario, one would open Quantity Adjust, enter the Item (Part) number, select the location (Warehouse Bin), and enter a value of zero (0). Does Epicor not have such a form? The ability to set inventory to a specific value is a fundamental inventory control function.

There are 2 settings that could be messing with you here.

First is on the UOM, it sets the number of decimals allowed for that specific UOM:


The second setting is Company wide, and controls how many decimal places you have available to you in quantity fields:

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No this doesn’t exist.

Hi Pierre,

I had one of these a couple months ago. I temporarily (off hours recommended if frequently used UOM) increased the UOM decimals and did a DMT to quantity adjust. Looking at the PartTran table, I was able to adjust to 5 digits. I think you could experiment with it to try and get it to accept the qty-adj via more decimals on UOM and DMT of more than 2 decimals of data.



You can get a data fix for these or make a ubaq to zero them out which is what the data fix does.

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