Empty lots still marked as on hand

It was brought to my attention that we have lots that have nothing in them but still show as being on hand:

I can’t figure out why this would be happening, as it seems to only happen sometimes.

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I forget how to fix this, but search for fixing rounding issues for quantity on hand. Basically, if you queried the DB directly you would see that there is .001 on hand. Or, I have also seen -1 and 1 on hand.

I was going to ask that this morning, are there decimals in there? It would be a decent question for Epicor Support. They could probably help.

Try the Refresh PartBin QOH From PartTran, that might be the one that fixes it.

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I had an Epicor support call open and they sent me a data fix for that i can run. Not sure why it is still an issue. Unless it is still an issue with decimals. What the data fix does is unchecks the onhand checkbox on the part lot field.

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