Inventory and Transaction history by Bin

Hello everyone,

I don’t think Epicor has a menu that shows inventory and transaction history by bin. Part Transaction History only display inventory and transaction history by site.
We need this feature because we need to manage our inventory on a per-bin basis. In particular, we need Transaction history and Running Total (On hand stock) for each bean, like the feature of ‘Part Transaction History’.
Is there a menu that can replace this feature?
If I have to implement it with BAQ and Dashboard, could you explain how to make it? I can make other features, but it is difficult to make Running Total (On hand stock) for each bin.
We ask for your help.

I find writing a part tran dashboard with multiple filters more useful than part tran.
I done this a few times and add part, warehouse, tran type, etc as filters.
there are a few posts here on how to determine if the tran type on the record adds or subtracts from inventory. a quick search here will point you in the right direction.
a few users have done this to mirror stock status as well.