Inventory by Revision - Licensed or Not?

This is my problem with Epicor… They always want you to buy something unnecessary. I submitted a case regarding the Track Inventory by Revision checkbox missing in Part Maintenance, despite showing up in Application Studio.

I was called and told that this required the Planning by Revision license. Now I’m being asked about the Advanced UOM license. Their release documentation states in two places that this feature is out of the box, but support keeps bringing on the licensing.

From Kinetic_WhatsNew_2022.2.pdf

What gives?

edit: if you run into this, it can be enabled using UOM Conversion. This is actually required if existing transactions are against your parts. I am having this issue with any part, new or old.

Update: Epicor support lead is adamant that this now requires the Advanced UOM license, despite their own release information and being told that it requires the Planning by Revision license initially. The feature still works without such licensing.

Advanced UOM is for sure a very different license. I can’t recall from controlled release what they said in regards to license on this, but I’ve reached out to a few folks to see what I could find out.

Per the higher ups

"If you just want inventory by revision – this is out of the box
If you want to Plan by Revision (MRP) – this is a license

If you want to turn on inventory by revision on an existing part, you go to Part UOM Conversion screen – but once you turn it on, you cannot turn it off."

So that being said what road block are you at right now?

The support manager just walked it back after I insisted that the lead escalate my case to his boss (who tried to insist I don’t escalate because he was a lead). My issue is that in the base form in Kinetic UI, I do not see the checkbox. It simply just doesn’t show on any part, new or existing, so I was trying to create a case about the issue.

I do see the Part UOM conversion side, as mentioned.

EDIT as opposed to spam posting :slight_smile: - Inventory by Revision works in the background using Dynamic Attributes. We do not have this enabled, as we only went to 10.2.700 this year. As base functionality, this works for Quotes and Orders when enabled. The advanced UOM license allows you to apply these attributes to inventory. However, they are releasing this feature as out-of-box using dynamic attributes for tracking inventory revision. I guess only the support managers know this.