Inventory compare by part and product group by plant

I want to do an inventory compare with the stock status report like a year compare (inventory now compared to last year). I think I could create a BAQ report and get something close but it seems to be a challenge. Has anyone done anything like this or have any helpful tips to point me in the right direction?

I created a BAQ that runs at Month End using the Business Activity Query Export Process.

I has all inventory by bin.

I can use this to compare any month or year end using excel.

I also use it to Balance the Inventory to the GL.

Creating a BAQ to determine the QOH for a specific date is a pain in the but.

Just run the SSR for each date, export it to an Excel file.

If you’re like me, yu quickly realized that the builtin reports are horrific when it comes to importing to excel. So made a new Report Style for the SSR, called “Excel Friendly”.

Yeah, that is what we were thinking we had to do but wanted to at least try. I have already made the reports excel friendly but it is still a pain. Thank you for the help!

@Cathy , Could you please share the BAQ?