Is there a way to pass a report option to BAQ Parameter

I have a BAQ with InnerSubQuries that are summarizing data using “group by” and “aggregate” values I have a couple parameters that are used to filter the subqueries in the BAQ and one of these parameters is a date range filter in the summary subqueries. As far as I know this is the only way to apply a filter/criteria to subquery that is using grouping cause in order to expose the that field to the top level you have to also group by that field.

I’m trying to create a BAQ report off of this BAQ but in order to do this I would need to pass a value to the BAQ parameter from the report options. Has anyone found a way to do this yet?
Or is there another way to apply a date filter to a subquery that is using “group by” and “aggregate” values?

Yes. You have to build the Report Definition from scratch though. This would NOT be a BAQ Report.

Take a look at this thread

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