Issue loading Fixed Assets with existing depreciation


I need yo import fixed assets from another system into Epicor. How to tell Epicor that they already have some depreciation? When I load them, Epicor always calculates the depreciation as if they were new assets.

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Hi Daniel,
We are having the same problem. Did you find a work-around?

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the very late response. Below is the process I used:

  1. Uploaded a file similar to the one attached to upload all my assets in the Asset Management screen

  2. Posted the additions

  3. Calculated the depreciation

  4. Posted the depreciation

The asset in the file attached had already some depreciation in previous years ($ 10928.13183) and in the current year ($ 412.3823333). I put the module in place in March, that is why the current year depreciation is only for 2 months.

I am also using Epicor 10.1.400 so I don’t know if it makes any difference.

Below are some of the screenshots taken pertaining to the same asset.

I hope this helps.


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Temperatsure Assets Import Template for Load 20170331 - Copy.csv (1.15 KB)

We loaded assets from our old system as an Inter-Group Transfer on the Asset Additions screen. You put the PY depreciation on the transfer line and it doesn’t book it anywhere and starts depreciation in E10 from the CY value.


I hope you got help. The Inter-group checkbox plays the magic when you have previous year as well as current year depreciation. Try it with a single addition entry, the 2 fields become active for data entry.

Awesome, I spent 2 hours with a consultant that did not know this1