Issue material from multiple sites

We operate a site services business using the project & job modules. We don’t have FSA. We are currently having to execute warehouse transfers to issue material to our job that is coming from an E10 site that is different that the E10 site where the job is set up. Does anyone use a different strategy?

We have looked at the shared warehouse functionality, but ran into a roadblock with the material request que. If you are using shared warehouses how are you managing your material request que to keep bins from different warehouses from showing up in the wrong site?

Welcome Sara -

Are you truly multi-site, or just a single site with multiple warehouses? And I’m not referring to the physical locations of the warehouses, I mean having multiple sites (often called Plants in E10 setup.

If you are truly multi-site, you need to use Transfer Orders to get material (or finished goods) from one site to another.

Thanks for your prompt response! We are truly multi-site. We have 4 “plants” set up.

I’m not sure of your exact business case, but here’s ours:

  • We’re Multi-site, with Sites A, B, C, D, and E
  • Manufacturing only happens at site A
  • Most manufactured items are unique and made by the configurator
  • Some items manufactured at A are shipped from A to the customer
  • Other items manufactured at A are shipped to B, C, D, or E. The manufactured item from A then ships with purchased inventory from B, C, D, or E.

What we have to do (which is far from ideal, but works)

  1. If there are manufactured parts on the order, create it in site A.
  2. Set the source (on the release tab) of all the stocked parts to be the site it will ship from
  3. Use configurator to define the item. The configurator makes a part entry if needed.
  4. Add the other plants to that part
  5. Update the the order release for the manufactured part to be sourced stock, from the desired site. This makes demand at the other site.
  6. In the other site (say B), create a Transfer Order for the manufactured part.
  7. A job is created in Site A, with the destination to site A’s inventory.
  8. The job is completed and received to site A’s stock
  9. A Transfer Order Shipment is entered. The relieves the inventory of the finished good at site A.
  10. A TO Receipt is entered when the item is received at B. This increases the inventory of the finished good at site B.
  11. A customer Shipment is enteredin site B, pulling all the purchased materials and the mfg’d parts (that were TO’d from site A).