Issue Material - FromJobNum

When using Issue Material, where is the Source JobNum stored? IE: Job 10/Op 10 needs Material from completed Job 9. So I issue the part/material that was created in Job 9, but I do not see that referenced anywhere in the DB either during, or after the transaction.

Is that recorded with the transaction at all?

Looking through the Data Dictionary, I am seeing that there is a JobNum2 field in the PartTran table, which says it is the ‘Job Number of transfer source/target’.

I also see a field named FromJobNum in the EpiDataView[“IM”] (also present in the IM.IMPartTran table).

However, I never see data pass through either of those 2 fields when issuing material.

Is that not what those fields are intended for?

I don’t think you’ll find the source job being stored in your destination job.
Instead it’s the source job that stores the target job - in the JobProd table