Issues with some SSRS fields

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I am trying to edit our PO Form report, but I’m finding some issues when I try moving some fields/boxes around. See the screenshot for example

When I try to put the Lbl_OrderDate or the actual OrderDate in the header, it throws a generic error ‘please see your system administrator’ when I upload the zip file. I have also tried to put the Change Order text box, which is a very thin box near the top of the tablix in the header, and I get the same issues.

Is there any reason for these fields to not work in the header? I have also ran into issues where when I flipped this form to landscape, it inserts blank pages, with the header and footer, between every page, so I have been trying to keep it portrait just to make some progress.


If the order date and label are not actually located within the Order Header grouping (i.e. above it in the page header, for instance)… it will not accept that. Not sure if that’s what is happening but you will be able to tell… if the tablix region starts below where you’re trying to put it, that’s a problem.

I’ve changed reports to landscape/portrait from their default. It’s a bit challenging but you can do it. Pay attention to the sub-reports (they will also need to be resized). Make sure your margins are appropriate and the page size itself falls within the paper size less the margins. If even one sub-report (which may even be blank) has visibility on and it’s sized too large, it will give you the random blank page effect.

Good luck!

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I have never been able to make field data work in my header.

This one is easy. Check your page width and height and margins. There is some part of it spilling over on the right hand side. it could be just a grid, or some other element that is poking just over the edge.

Also, ConsumeContainerWhitespace to true can be helpful for removing extra pages but usually like said before its a spacing issue with your margins or a field too far out.


The only way I’ve gotten something to work in my header is by giving the page name a name from the data and then inserting a page break on the grouping. Then in the header you can create a text field to display page name (and it’s going to be populated dynamically from the data on that particular page). If you wanted to be creative, you could write a series of things separated by a delimiter to the page name and then split the page name based on that delimiter and grab the appropriate section for each value. I bet that would work.

What is interesting, is I was able to pull the PO Number label and PO Number to the header, but the expression is =Code.GetValue(“RptLiteralsLPONum”), =code.GetPONum(), respectively. Possibly the type of code matters where it can go because the Order Date Label and Order Date code is =Fields!RptLiteralsLOrderDate.Value and =iif(isnothing(Fields!OrderDate.Value),nothing,formatdatetime(Fields!OrderDate.Value,DateFormat.ShortDate))

The PO report, portrait style, has many subreports that span the entire page. Default is I think 7.8675in and the subreports are the same. There are other subreports inside the tablix that are smaller, and the only thing I had tried stretching was just the tablix size to about 10in, with landscape being 11in wide. I did go into each subreport and made sure the width of the subreport was smaller than the size provided in the main PO report.

I print field data in heading/footer with the use of ReportItems!
In this example, I have a small text box in white font (called DocTaxTotal) somewhere in the grouping of where the data is available then I reference that text box name in the footer using ReportItems!


I will try this eventually. I have a lot of work going on, so I may backburner this customization for now.

Thanks for your response