Job Adjustment Issue - Frozen Job

Good Morning Everyone!

So a few days ago I had a user inform me that they could not end activity on a job. The MES menu would get stuck at “saving data”. I ended up running conversions 8920 and 8930 to end activity.

Today, they’re trying to close the job, but it looks like the completed qty has not updated in the system. When I try to manually adjust the completed qty using Job Adjustment, the system freezes forcing me to restart Vantage. How can I adjust the completed qty for this job?


Or, more appropriately, does anyone have any pointers on troubleshooting why this one job is causing so many issues? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried to remove this job from the schedule and add it back into the schedule to see if it will work for you after this? Trying to think of other options you may have. I assume all of the operations on the job have activity/labor entries applied.

I have not tried to remove and re add it to the schedule. I’d suggested re-creating the job, but as it’s already been invoiced Finance doesn’t want to mess up their numbers and all that for months end.

I also attempted to modify the job via Labor Entry, but it stuck at “saving data” again. After letting it run with the spinning wheel for a bit, it came up with a 4GL STOP condition (nothing specific, just a general 7243 / 7241.

Perhaps a bad BPM. Try disabling any DD’s and MD’s that might be hanging it up.

@bmgarver great suggestion. I didn’t think of that one right off. That might explain the stop condition because it is getting hung in a loop.

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance about the inner workings of the software, I was a general sysadmin who was thrust into this role. How would I determine what should be disabled, and how would I go about disabling it? If you know of a resource where I could learn more about this, that would be awesome too.

You will want to look under Method Directives and Data Directives:

System Management --> Business Process Management --> Method Directives Maintenance
System Management --> Business Process Management --> Data Directives Maintenance

Search by Directives and select any methods that use a Business Object related to Jobs

Do the same for Data Directives looking for anything Job Table related…

Uncheck the Enabled box to disable and then save…

I would test each by disabling them one at a time and trying again to make your changes until you find the culprit.

Sorry, my advise is for Epicor 10. Just realized you are working with Vantage 8. Not sure if this would apply or not.

You, sir, are my new idol. Thank you! I’m going to test now :smiley: It’s relatively close.

I had intermittent job issues… yours sound similar to those.
As mentioned above, usually ran the conversion programs to clear labor that was locked up.
In some cases I had to reboot, keep everyone off before the conversions were successful.
And/or (I think) I removed a job from the schedule once & that cleared a lockup.

Just wondering which version of V8 you are on?
My issues were in 8.03.409C.
Sometimes the bi file would continue to grow while labor was locked too
In a couple of cases bi grew to the GB, so I had to truncate it once the labor issues were cleared.

Anyway… just an FYI
I finally applied the upgrade for 8.03.410
I have not had any recurrences of labor lock ups since.

We are currently on 8.03.410. This sort of recurring lock up with a job is a first for me. I’ve had to run conversions to clear out a locked up job in the past, but it’s always been a one off type deal. Haven’t seen any crazy sizes with the bi.

Wondering if you tried removing the job(s) from the schedule and rescheduling yet?
I’ve remember a couple times where this helped.

Just talked to the scheduling guy, he tried removing it from the system and it caused his client to lock up as well. I am convinced this job is cursed.

Client locked up… and you have some active labor, been trying some other things today?
If so…
I might still be interested in trying to remove from the schedule and reschedule
– but only after killing active labor, maybe even a reboot.

Otherwise you might be right… something just wrong with that job.

I’ve ended all active labor on this job, and rebooted the system. Going to have to try and remove it from the schedule tonight. There is already labor recorded for this job, and an associated sales order and shipment. If we remove the job, and re-create it, will the entire workflow from job creation to invoicing need to re-done as well?

TDB… those are good reasons to try stabilizing the current job.
i.e. the “remove from schedule and reschedule”

If nothing you try is fixing your lock-up issues.
Then I might try closing that job short and creating a new job for the remaining demand?

and if you have a test system, this might be a good time to copy live over so you can experiment.

Regarding removing from the schedule and re-adding. I guess this isn’t a scheduled job, or at least that’s what the scheduling guy is telling me. It doesn’t get scheduled along with the machining jobs. I’ve tried removing it from the job scheduling board myself but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

not scheduled
Just in case… you could look in Job Entry
Remove:… Actions menu --> Schedule --> Remove from Schedule
Reschedule:… Actions menu --> Schedule --> Job Scheduling