Job Closing Exception Tracker - This job has parts in WIP

We see the error This job has parts in WIP quite frequently in reviewing why jobs don’t autoclose in the Job Closing Exception Tracker. Could someone help me to understand what this error means?

It means that there is still a part(s) in WIP that have not been accounted for through the manufacturing process. Do you regularly over issue material to jobs? Have you not entered the appropriate quantity for labor/scrap/non-conform? Is there a piece in DMR? There are a lot of different reasons you could be getting this and would need to review each job to understand why you get the error. Once you identify the issue you can begin addressing it with the employees.

Where could we look to figure out what is causing this problem?

Check the required material quantities to what was actually issued to see if anything was over issued.

Were all of the labor/scrap/NC quantities entered correctly. If the job was for 10 pieces, every operation should have a total quantity of 10 reported in one of the reporting fields.

Check to see if any quantity was NCed and if they returned to the job or were DMRed. If DMRed, is the DMR closed or in process.

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