Job Cost Wrong

Job Cost Wrong
when am checking, found unit cost for material wrong, not total unit cost .
I using Average cost, as per attached pic
how i can correct unit cost to total unit cost ?

That field is the estimated cost and is set when the job is made and that was likely your average that day. Actual costs are seen in the material transactions tab.

You can reset the costs with a bpm to get a closer estimate. I reset ours when the job is released so our estimates to actual variance is more accurate.

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The job shows 1.90648

The part tracker shows mtl of 1.90048, and a burden of 0.00600, for a total of 1.90648. The same as shown on tbe job.

Not what you were expecting?

thanks for your reply.
where is “Avg.Material Burden” 0.17872
It must equal the total ِAvg. cost 2.08520

thanks for your reply