Job Entry Change-log - Help

Was just doing some end-user validation and ran into an issue with the changelog listed on the Job Entry screen.


Whenever the end-user clicks on it they then select a date on this screen and click refresh, but no results show.

I’m wondering if I have to create a data directive for all job-related tables to get this to work, and if so then why would they have it listed by default.

The Change Log might not have been setup for the related table.

Or the fields to be monitored aren’t changing. For example a Changle Log for the Company field will probably never trigger, as the company of a record rarely ever changes.


Also, the change log is specific to the record in focus. If it’s enabled for OrderDtl. Any changes would only show when your on the Order and Line of that was changed.

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I figured that was the case. I’ll just add some in-process data directives to capture it and play around with that. Thank you sir!