Change log

I am having trouble with ERP 9 change log. I am using Method Directive JobOperSearch.GetNewJobOperation. But it’s not showing up in the change log. Other changes are working fine: JobReleased, JobEngineered.

Can you see anything I am missing (Except E10! which would make this easier).

Get New Pre Processing doesn’t have any data in the ttRecord. So a condition of code changed is not going to work

Also Method Directives for GetNew don’t generate anything until you Save, so there won’t be anything in the change log until after that record is saved.

Also the JobOperSearch business object isn’t the appropriate one for this since you don’t use that one to add a new JobOperation to a job

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Thanks for the help, but I am very confused. I simply want the change log to capture Added operations. I don’t need any actions - just want to see in the Job Entry >Change Log: Added Operation OprSeq 20

I now am trying JobEntry.AddOperation. Am I in the right place? Again, I don’t know which action to use. I don’t need an informational message, but Epicor says without an action, the Method is useless.

ChangeLogs are in Data Directives not Method Directives

If you want to capture those needs to be done in the JobOpr table there are instructions for setting up change log in the Help

@randallweber in E9 the change log is not in the the DD like in E10. It is a separate menu choice.

In E9 (maybe V8, Vantage), I think they were handle by the BAM…not sure on this one.