Single field change log report

I created a change log directive in data directives, tracking only 1 field which is a UD field. However when I run the Change Log report and chose that directive, i get fields that weren’t chosen in the directive. Any ideas?

Is the DD you created on the original table or the UD table (I.E. OrderHed vs OrderHed_UD)?

Another DD’s on the table (the original or the “_UD” one) ??

It’s under the original table, but the UD fields appear on there as well? I don’t have any DDs on any UD tables.

That’s the correct way to do it (on the original tables). What table is it? And what other fields are being captured. If you use the Change Log on the form, do the other fields show up there too?

You might be seeing other fields that are required by the Change Log table, as required to know which record the change actually belongs to. For example a Change Log on OrderDtl that only records Partnum, will also need to record the OrderNum, and OrderLine, so that it knows which order and line the logged change is for.

I see, if that’s the case then I don’t have much of an issue.

Another thing, my DD is under JobHead, only tracking if the job is firmed, however unfirm jobs still show up under the change log report, any reason why for this?

I do have multiple change log DDs on JobHead, however I only want this change log report to track the one or two fields i’m concerned about.

Normally the ChangeLog records any change. I think it will record all the fields selected, if any one (or more) of them change.

Do you have a condition block ahead of the ChangeLog block? So that the Change Log is only executed when the job is already firm?

Yup, have a condition block checking if the job is firm, just modified it today however. Would i need to let changes occur so that the output report stops showing the unfirmed records?

Yes. Your changes will only affect future records.