Just an Idea, is Epicor out there?

I had an idea, probably not new, and I have been told that Epicor routinely
reviews these messages so I will float it out there and see what happens.

No disrespect intended to the techies out there, we wouldn't be able to make
it without you guys/gals.

But my responsibilities don't include those issues and I rely on the ideas
in other areas that are put out on onelist.

On the average I receive about 65-70 messages per day, as I assume you do. I
have to review each one in case there is something of interest or that I can
feed back to fellow subscribers, but the majority of the items are
technically related.

Is it possible to have sub groups for technical issues and
administrative/enhancement issues? and would anyone else see value in this

Daniel A. Nichols
General Manager
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