Kanban Receipts - Issue Lot Tracked Materials

When using Kanban receipts, we have lot tracked raw material parts. When the Lot Tracking screen appears, if we do not match exactly the required quantity and the issued quantity we get an error message that the required quantity does not match the issued quantity. We are converting from KM to pounds so we will always have a rounding issue. The end result is it will not issue the material. Is this because the Lot Tracked material is back-flushed and the required quantity and issued quantities must match exactly?

We have the same issue in 10.1.600.19. It is a bug when converting kg to pounds. It used to work in E9. This happened when receiving in kg. and issuing in pounds. So we started doing Kanban receipts in pounds.

Vinay Kamboj

But I still need to issue the exact amount required as if it was backflushing correct?

What is the UOM of the product being made on the Kanban.

Vinay Kamboj

LBS is being produced and KM is what we are consuming on the raw material. When we pull up the Lot Track screen for the raw material and see the requirements in KM we try to issue in the unit of measure conversion for pounds but it is never going to be exact we will always be off up to a certain number of decimals.

Yep - seems that way. I reported an issue with 10.1.400 whereby it would swear blind that the qty was off, but as you can see from the screenshot it wasn’t:

We’ve moved to proper jobs now away from Kanban Receipts, which has the advantage that you can over issue/ under issue as you please. Supplemented that with some screen mods/BPMs to enforce some business rules.

My case ref on 10.1.400.18 was CS0000194801 and PRB0181287 the problem record. It was corrected in later version of 10.1.400, but it might be somehow related?

One issue I have found in Epicor generally is when the UOM allows more than 2 decimal places but the display is only 2 decimal places. Like in issue material in Kanban and Quantity adjustment. There is no way to do any entry since it is never equal to the last decimal point. As a result we have some lots existing in our system with display of 0.00* lbs. We cannot get rid of these because the quantity cannot be adjusted to the exact quantity in the system.

These lots are only cleared when we do our annual physical count and these are counted as zero.

Vinay Kamboj

You can change the settings and do the adjustment, then change them back. But you want to do it when no-one else is doing transaction. I used to do this when we were converting from inches to feet, but instead just entered everything in feet because Epicor won’t do the rounding correctly.

I tried that also in E9, could not make it to work. Never tried in E10.

Vinay Kamboj