Issue deleting Part Lots

I have 2 issues both regarding Lot Numbers. As I understand it there is no way to get rid of a lot number other than quantity adjusting it to 0.

First Issue: I have 3 separate lots that I need to adjust out. Somehow the quantity on these lots has 8 decimal places and the quantity adjust field only has 4. I even tried to cheat and directly copy the quantity from the grid into the quantity field. Gave me an error message about UOM only having 4 decimal places.

Second Issue: I have about 30 lots with part numbers that are not set to be lot tracked (:man_shrugging:) that I need to adjust out but Quantity Adjust will not allow a Lot Number to be used on a non Lot Tracked Part.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get around either of these issues?

I refuse to suggest SQL so in lieu of that perhaps support has a fix for this type of situation.


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I am sure that there are existing data fixes for these issues, or if not, that we would create them. Please submit a support case and we’ll get working on it.

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for the parts you say have lot numbers on, but are not lot tracked, I would turn on the lot tracking, adjust them out and then turn it off.

I have attempted to use this workaround but every part where I try to temporarily turn on lot tracking I receive a “Track Lots cannot be changed because there is quantity in inspection.” error. I’m not sure why I’m receiving this as I’ve checked about every way I can think of and I don’t see any quantity in inspection.

ok, then I suggest a support call to Epicor

I understand why Epicor do not allow Part tracked to be changed, there are many basic BPM writing lot no in many different tables, during many transactions, so after creating any of these records, changing this system flag will mess the data integrity, however if you have to, i am afraid that is the only way, to use SQL to update part lot tracked, then quantity adjust, then may be put this part on hold, and explain why on the description and hold reason.

Did you ever get a solution to this?
Ran across the same issue and I haven’t found anything in EpicCare

Rick, can you do a miscellaneous issue material with 8 decimals?

The problem I am having is not being able to enable Lot Tracking and getting the
“Track Lots cannot be changed because there is quantity in inspection.” error.
But there is nothing in inspection.

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Did you ever solve this rick? I am getting the same message.

Ended up with Epicor Support providing a data fix that forced the Track Lots to be enabled.