Kinetic Abbreviation

Is there a good abbreviation out there for Kinetic yet.? I can’t keep typing out the whole word in my descriptions and documentation. K21, then K22 next year? Or K20 to span multiple versions.

AHH, it needs to be 3 characters though.

2 is not enough. 4 is too many. 5 is right out.

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I’ve been using K21


We are using EK - Epicor Kinetic.

What about E11 or K11?

Too funny @zwilli526!
Book of Armaments, Chapters 9 through 21
Three. No More, No Less. Three shall be the count and the number of the counting shall be three.
A fellow Python fan I see LOL!! Well met! I can still quote waaayyy too much of that movie (and series).

I’ve been using K21, and subsequently K22, for general purposes. If I had to be release specific, then there’s no way to do that with 3 characters, so we’re out of luck on keeping it simple.

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I think I will always type Kinetic. Puts it in the same class as other products without official abbreviations such as: Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Acrobat, Teams, FireFox, Chrome, etc.

It’s only a rabbit


I’m going to have to rethink when I refer to old versions as V8 or V9 now. Do I call it V08 and V09, or go with something more hip like Vn8 or Vt9?

In the plastic industry when you say K21 it means the K show, which is held at Dusseldorf, Germany every year.

@E102016 or @MikeGross, could you please tell me the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? :thinking:


African or European swallow?

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LOL!! and @GeekPrideDay seems to have been extended for the whole week!!!

I just love the camaraderie we have here and that we can just let our inner nerds free whenever it amuses us! Here Here!!!

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You have to know these things when you’re king

Just shorten it to l. Its just easier if you cut the K in half. :slight_smile:

We doyn’t moynd what ya nayme is, we’ll just call ya Bruce to make it simplah

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