Kinetic App Studio Customization Possible Bug

We are currently working on our upgrade to Kinetic Cloud and I have been working through some dashboards with UI Customizations. I am working through a dashboard with buttons to check or uncheck all checkboxes in a grid. Then we also have buttons that read from a textbox and fill in a blank field (the user’s clock number) when the checkboxes are checked or clear that same field when the checkboxes are unchecked and the clock number on the rows in the grid match the clock number entered in the textbox. Before I save the data in the grid to the database, the buttons work as expected. However, once I save the data to the grid, the check or uncheck all buttons work, but the Clear Clock Number button doesn’t. I can send more details if needed, but I wanted to get this out there and see if anyone else had run into it and if so, do you have a fix for it?

JobPickListDashboardWEBData_1_0.JobMtl_PartPicked_c = False AND JobPickListDashboardWEBData_1_0.JobMtl_PickListPickedInitials_c = {TransView.PickersClockNumber}

I can manually clear the field, but the button does not clear the field value. The text box TransView temp field and the field in the grid are both text fields.

I’m hoping the master, @hmwillett, can weigh in on this one.

Instead of using on click control, try an EpiBinding

TransView.btnDoSomething or DataView.btnMooMoo but add it to the dataview. Ive seen epicor do this most of the time.

I usually use TransView.