Adding Check Boxes to Form

I have added some check boxes to Order Entry on the line and tied them to some UD fields. When I activate the check box and click save, it reverts back to false. I cannot think of anything I missed, but is there something different that needs to be done in the Kinetic UI?

I’m looking at you @hmwillett

Surprisingly, this is one area where there’s not a lot of extra bs to get it to work. You should just be able to throw the controls on the screen and set the epBinding.
Do the fields exist in your dataview?

Yes they do.

Any errors popping up in Dev Tools?

Does not look like it. Anything below look weird I should dig into?

Nope. That’s all fine.
What about the network tab for the Update call? Do you see your information being passed to the UD field?

Ok, let me know if I am doing something wrong as this is all new territory for me.

Looking under the MasterUpdate

Payload looks like it shows the pre and post ds. The pre is false and the post is true

Preview shows false

Response shows false

I just tried it on my end and it seemed to work fine.

Did you activate debugging before you looked at the console in Dev Tools? If not, in your preview window, press CTRL+ALT+8 to activate it. Then check the checkbox and save; see if that shows issues.

Is it possible you have a BPM interfering?
What happens if you bind the field to a native boolean column and save?

No I had not. Now that I turned it on I can see the errors but am having trouble trying to understand what they are.

What’cha got?





Eh–none of those are useful.

What about this stuff?

Only has a DD that affects added rows.

I changed the binding to the Rework field on the detail and it saved.

Did you by chance misspell the epBinding?

Nope, used the auto complete when adding the bindings. Plus, it is on 10 custom check boxes I added. All of them do not work.

What happens if you try a completely different screen where you have a UD boolean to test with?

Weird way of saying this, lol.

You’re welcome.

Question for you, I only did the customization on Kinetic screen and not on the client. Any chance that might cause something?

Nope. I do that all the time.
As long as the field exists in the database, you should just be able to pop the control on the screen and give it a binding.

Can you send a screenshot of how you set the control up?

Also, for giggles, throw a textbox next to your checkbox with the same binding. What happens if you alter the text in the textbox and save? Does it work then? Does it work similar to the below?