Kinetic Application Studio - populating a text box when another text field value changes

Hi everyone,

We are upgrading from Epicor 10.2.50 and I’m just getting to grips with Kinetic 2022 and Application Studio pre-upgrade :slight_smile: with a lot of C# customisations to be re-written.

Have some very basic questions - any help appreciated :slight_smile:

How do I set the value in a text box when the value in another field (combobox or textbox) changes (previously using the valuechanged and textchanged events) - what event should I use in Application Studio

Thanks !

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You can use the datatable change Trigger and then the Row update to do this.
Alternatively you can also under the textbox properties, under Behavior use the OnBlur for the leave.
In this when the customer part number changes I call a function, update the other field with the result then save.

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Thank s Mike - I’ve done as you have suggested. You’ve pointed me in the right direction. How can I change the value of the textbox in the function?

You don’t.

You can change data in underlying data that a control is bound to though.

Or you could do some action, and condition off the results and set some properties.

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He’s returning a value from the function and then using row-update to set the value of the field.

Thanks everyone for the help - I am calling a function on the Time Entry to do some calculations on the RunQty and returning the value (called from a new event (AfterGetById). That’s working fine but still haven’t figured out to get the row-update to set the value of the new field.

I’m using an Epicor function.
No response parameters defined on the erp-function widget yet. What should I add to this and the row-update?


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Run your function in Swagger, Postman, etc and post the response JSON. You need that to fill out the response parameter properly. More than likely, it’ll be returnObj for the “Parse from Response Path”, but not always.

There are plenty of posts out there to search for to show you how to set the row-update.


Thanks … final question I hope :slight_smile: what am I doing wrong here ?
Getting Non-static method requires a target error



Function call


Row update (bound to column on Dataview)