Kinetic - BPM Auto Print SSRS Report with APR email break routing and attachment

Is it possible to use the Auto Print widget to trigger an SSRS Report with APR break routing rule to send an email notification with an attachment? I tried using all three Print Actions but it doesn’t send the email and I get a ‘No Records Selected’ error in the system monitor. I think I’m missing something in the report parameters to pass the report values but if I’m already triggering the BPM in the application, it shouldn’t need any print parameter values. I’ve seen the workaround to use custom code logic but wanted to see if the Auto Print functionality will trigger an SSRS Report to send an email with the attachment works as expected.

I have a few reports that work that way, though mine is on a data directive and it’s triggered off the change of a field.

My print action is set to Email and the report parameter is set to SSRS Enable Routing is set to True


My Routing takes over from there.

You have the breaking and routing setup for it too?

I would have thought setting the print action to Print Preview would trigger the emailing within the SSRS Routing without having to set it up twice in the data directive and the SSRS Routing. Did you have to pass any other parameters such as PO Number, Invoice Number, etc in the data directive or all you did was enable true to the SSRSEnableRouting parameter?

Yeah I have RMANum as the criteria and then set Option01