Kinetic category not all caps, please?

Yes, this is picky. But the other categories are Title Case except for the acronyms (ERP). Can Kinetic not be KINETIC?

Sorry, I just get shivers with all caps, which was an omen when I started down the path of Mechanical Engineering. Engineers love all caps and I never fit in with that ethos.

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Careful. Let two many secrets out and you become fun to tease. Might be KENeTiC next or something…



(OK, so those caps were for shouting. And OK is an acronym. Well, was. I think “ok” is in the Scrabble dictionary now.)

Huh… (Don’t see a way to permalink a result but: Scrabble Tools | Scrabble Dictionary, Word Builder, Score Sheets and More)

Yeah, I heard that a while ago, but I have yet to try it out. (Take that ka and ki or whatever garbage k words we have had to suffer with!)

My wife never wins at Scrabble with me, so I don’t get to play it that often. That and we have two toddlers. I think one day, though, my two-year-old will end up giving me a run for my money.

Oh, hot dog! AW is a word now.

“OK” is also understood to mean the same thing everywhere in the world, which is amazing in a world of tabs vs spaces.

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Better? :rofl:

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I was hoping for KeneTic :wink:

@josecgomez AND you marked your misspelled, CamelCase version as the solution?!


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Feature Request: ANTIJASON