Kinetic customization - Set control states?

Hey there,

I want to use UD01 form to enter elements that will be used in setting up test results on various properties of a material (steel) to be stored in UD100/UD100A. The UD100A record would store selected elements with differing input types in the same fields – Input1, Input2, etc.

In some elements, we might be looking at a decimal percentage. In others a Y/N entry. Or even selection from a combo box.

I had a thought that I could define a textbox and use a function to handle the validation for character and numeric entries. But the combo box doesn’t play well there.

So I thought I’d define both a text box and a combo box bound to the same column and then hide the one I don’t need for the particular record.

Using row rules came to mind, but I think that will operate at the view level and not the control, so it would hide or show both controls.

Anyone have experience with this? Any hints? A better way to do it?