Kinetic Landing Page use BAQ for the data source

Hi, I’ve been trying to use BAQ for my Landing Page. But I’ve been stuck when I click the Key Field Link, it doesn’t want to open to a detail page. I wonder if anyone has done this before? I have already added an event in the onGridClick actually in the After Update Key field event to update the KeyField.Key1 to UD01_Key1, I’m using the UD01 table. But I still have no luck making it work, since Kinetic V 2021.2 we can’t change the base event I don’t know know what is the best practice.

And I think I found a bug, sometimes when I open a couple of events, when I edit another event the event that is not currently edited sometimes got updated too.

this OnClick Landing Page somehow got updated like my custom event. And I don’t know how to change it back without creating a new custom layer.