Kinetic Menu and Layout

The Epicor Kinetic “modern” menus and layout?

Do you like it or not? I tend NOT to like it. Maybe I don’t understand where it’s useful from the point of an admin.

Share with why you like it or not especially from the point of an admin or developer.

Where Kinetic will shine is in E11 in the Spring.

For the Admin
No client to support! No admin privs required. Updates immediately. There have been reports of impressive speed improvements when running directly in the browser and not embedded in the client. Personalization appears to be much easier for users compared to the current process.

For the Developer
A lot of required epiKnowledge will certainly change. No more client DLLs. Time to replace with Typescript/Angular. Business logic must be moved to the server, where it should be anyway. Microsoft is deprecating WCF too. The loosely-coupled nature of the web will make integrations smoother. .Net 5+ is seeing impressive performance improvements over the current Framework.

For everyone
Users know how to use a browser, so the training curve might be less. It’ll be a bumpy ride and there will be growing pains, but I like the vision and I see us better off about a year from now once we wrap our heads around the new paradigm.


Agree to all of the points… I just wish it were a year from now right now!


Do you know if modules like “order entry” etc, are still launched as separate browser windows/tabs or is it more on a single page approach?

I honestly don’t know for sure. I’ve only seen a single page with the tree on the left but there could be some way to do that with panels. :man_shrugging: I’ll wait for someone else to chime in.

Opens in new tabs as of right now in 10.2.600. But I’m not sure that’s the true Kinetic yet.