Kinetic MES not showing EMPLOYEE ID Entry box

After the upgrade, The Kinetic MES accessed though the Client, (app=mes) will not show the Employee id box. Everything else works in the MES station, but you cannot login for work. The classic screen works, but all of our employees are used the the kinetic.

I have heard rumors that the kinetic MES accessed through the client is going to technically go away, So i tried using it through the URL links. That MES works great BUT seems to chew up a full license which is very frustrating if that is the way Epicor is going to work. It is still simply a data collection terminal, and I have 12 data collection licenses for this reason…

I am on the cloud.

Ideas? I have a ticket in as well, but really need to get this resolved.

@recelect - did this get resolved? Everything works great for us using the Kinetic MES URL in Production. But when I try to use Pilot, I get a blank screen for SOME logins. Any ideas? We are also cloud.

Ms. Nancy: We are getting an error message when we try to login to Kinetic MES (browser only).

Basically “access denied” - i have a ticket in with Epicor - at our current response rate we should have this solved by new years.


Are you Production? Test a user with Security Manager enable in User Maintenance. I was able to get Pilot to work. Definitely NOT a solution but at least it gave me a clue. Also - do you have Allow Epicor Web Access checked under Access Options for the user?

By the way - I have also created a ticket for the Pilot MES problem I’m having. I’ll let you know if I learning anything.

Ms. Nancy: Thank you for the suggestion. I am using a security manager account and i have the Web access check boxes turned on.

Again thank you - i did not think to look at the web access check boxes until you suggested it.

I will let you know if i get a response from Epicor.