Kinetic Trial Balance - not printing 0 balance accounts


I’m seriously at the end of my rope. I am trying to run a Trial Balance report, including ALL accounts. It is not including the accounts with a zero balance (or zero activity). I’m not sure what happened or how to fix this. Any thoughts?

ETA: The report is picking up about 10% of the accounts with a zero balance and zero activity. All of the accounts are “active”. I’ve run the Rebuild GL. I’m working in PILOT as the client is not yet live.

Thank you

I have reached out to a few friends and they are also seeing the same results - the accounts with 0 activity and 0 balances are not appearing on the TB. However, it is very random - some accounts will be on the TB but most will not.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you

Seriously? No responses? Can someone who is on the cloud please try to print a Trial Balance, including ALL accounts and let me know if you experience the same?


I’m currently having the same issue in Kinetic. I didn’t have this problem is our previous E10 version.

Does anyone has a solution?

See above link from @aosemwengie1 . Per the KB article if an account has never had activity, it will not appear. Unsure if that’s what’s happening in your case.

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if anything had changed since then. Some of my accounts are appearing without activity and some aren’t. It’s not consistent, which is odd. I found a workaround for my issue.