Kinetic web dashboard, upload file possible?


I have a customer who want to have a new dashboard designed, in Kinetic for web access. Part of the requirement is to have a button the dashboard, either as a column button, or in a tracker view. When that button is pressed, the web user would be able to browse to a path on his computer and select an image file. The image file would then be encoded to base64, and sent as a parameter to an Epicor Function that would process the image, rename it, and copy it over to a server side OneDrive folder.

I know I can do all of this with a standard dashboard, but the question is, can it be done in a Kinetic dashboard accessed over the web?

1- Can you even have a button column in a Kinetic dashboard grid? Previously this would have to be added through a customization layer on the dashboard, by setting up the UltraGrid properties as needed…

2- Is it even possible to open a file upload dialog from a Kinetic dashboard event?

I have started some Kinetic development, but have not played much with Kinetic dashboards yet…

Yes you can do that via the attachment points and a file upload process (all available in kinetic )

Do you have a basic example or explanation of how to set it up? I assume the “file upload process” is a widget available from within the button click event?

correct I do not but I’ll work on something

It’s okay I’ll have a look at it this afternoon, thanks for the pointer!

So, I went and tried to get this working, but it’s really unclear to me how to do what I want…

I added a button to a customization layer on the Kinetic dashboard, and then bound an event to the button:

The file-transfer-erp widget seems to be the only one that fits the bill… How do I get the thing to open a browse dialog? As it is now, clicking the button does absolutely nothing.

I also wasn’t able to add a button column in the grid, the editor selection dropdown offers everything except a button, but I can live with this by adding the button to the grid header.

Bump, anyone has any idea if this is in fact possible, or how the file-transfer-erp widget is supposed to work?

@HLalumiere You need to pair it with a File Picker Client component. That component will show the dialog window and allow you to pick the file. Once the file is picked you click your button and the fil-transfer-erp will grab that file. Use the ErpFileBoxID of the File Picker Client in your transfer Advanced settings.

I bound the Server Path Param to {TransView.FileName} and then bound the File Picker Client to {TransView.FileName} as well.

Otherwise the file was being upload with the name you set on the Param field. This way it grabs the file name from the client file you pick.