Labor dtl has no rows

I am working on a customization for end activity and I have to access the labordtl to see if the job I am working on is a active transaction so I can pass the amount completed for the operation. The issue that I am having is that the labordtl table is empty. It should have some rows in there for non active transactions, but those do not show up either. I think the problem may be that I am using a before adapter method so it might be clearing the table as this method happens. Is there a way to access the table when it has rows in it in the before adapter method.

LaborAdapter Labor = new LaborAdapter(EndActForm);
DataSet laborset = Labor.GetData(empID);

Here is the code for how I am accessing the table.

Have you tried this from the BL Tester?
Also, if you are running this from End Activity, then you are already looking at the LaborDtl record for this job/employee.