Labor Edit/Collection Errors-The saga continues

To everyone having the same problem.
I have been looking at multiple days of the labor hours being split. I have
noticed that I have 1 person that will clock in on indirect labor as
maint-janitor 1IN65. If another person helps him that night and clocks in
the same work center their time will split (close to half) for the whole
shift, even if the second person was for 2 hours and the 1st person was the
whole night. So the 2nd person shows 1 hour for his 2 and the 1st person
show around 4 for his eight (numbers are never exactly half - just easier to
type). This workcenter is set to Labor=Hours, it is not split.

My problem has now moved to one person on first shift.

Has anyone else seen that if a person's time is not right they have at least
1 indirect labor in the labor for that shift?

Todd C.
Did you get your reports running? Can they be shared? I would like to try
Nancy Dunn
Winco Industries Inc
937 667-4476